Routine Spells

Every morning, first thing, I go into my office, turn the lamp on and whisper, “Hail Hestia, First and Last,” as she is the first and last light in the home—always. I sit down at my desk and light a stick of incense. As the lighter clicks on, I repeat, “Hail Hestia, First and Last,” as she is the first and last flame in the home. I hold the incense up to the heavens and say my morning prayer to the gods, thanking them for their constant presence in my life. I put the incense in its holder.

I start my morning music.

I pore over my daily planner, writing down the to-dos and appointments of the day, putting in stickers and making little doodles. This makes me smile.

I sit down at my second desk, fire up the computer, and begin to type out a set of affirmations. I type each affirmation seven times, as seven is the number of creation. I speak each affirmation aloud as I type it because it is by the word that all worlds were created. I type them and keep them as I feel it is bad woo to erase a thing you have set the intention to create. I have ten or more affirmations I type every day. It takes about ten minutes to complete the exercise. When I’m done, I move on to my morning writing.

Among the last three affirmations I write are two regarding myself as a witch and my relationship to my religion. Even though I have written many affirmations before them, it is always in writing these two that I receive the best revelations and inspirations. Today I realized that, without my knowing it, I have, over all this time, created a routine spell I perform each morning. Other than the fact that I cast no circle, this routine has every other element of a spell.

I make an offering.

I invoke the gods.

I play music to set the tone.

I set my intention.

I chant.

I act in a way that has proven to move energy in accordance with my will.

I offer a benediction.

I was amazed when I realized this. This is how magical lives are made. I am elated. I am excited.

For example, I read once that refrigerators often become makeshift altars to things that are most important in our lives, such as our children, trips we have taken, our pets, or, in the case of magnetic poetry, our creativity—words themselves.

What do you suppose you do as a daily routine that is really a magical act? What spells have you cast without even realizing it at the time?

Spells and the Law of Attraction

I asked Hermes once whether I needed this thing or that to get real, tangible results from my spells. He said, “Those things are kind of like marital aids. They’re loads of fun, but not really necessary if the inborn equipment is working.”

I have been reading up lately on the Law of Attraction via the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks. As I have come to understand it, the principles of manifesting through the Law of Attraction and manifesting through spellwork are similar to the point of being interchangeable.

Essentially, the Law of Attraction is, “Like attracts like.” What you think about will attract more of what you are thinking about, for better or worse. If your focus is on prosperity and appreciation, you will attract more prosperity and things to appreciate. If your focus is on poverty and lack, you will attract more poverty and lack.

In spellwork, we often use objects to help us stay focussed on our intentions. The objects we choose share properties with our intended outcome. In the magical world, we call this “sympathetic magic.” We use green candles and coins for prosperity spells so we may manifest more coins and “the long green.” We use patchouli because patchouli is of the element earth and all abundance and prosperity come from the earth. We write in green ink. We create sigils of the dollar sign and our prosperity power words. We add layer upon layer of these things that are like our desired outcome. We attract prosperity by creating a similitude of prosperity. In other words, we invoke the Law of Attraction, (whether we know it or not).

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