Mother Goddess, Give Me a Name

The first time I ever yelled at God, I yelled at a goddess.

About ten years ago when I first started on the Wiccan path, I struggled a lot with the concept of a nebulous Mother Goddess who encompassed all goddesses. I struggled so hard with it that I remember tossing and turning in my blue sheets in my blue basement bedroom asking the Mother Goddess to give me a name, give me a persona, give me something I could hold on to.

A goddess stepped forward wearing a simple white, flowing garment. She was almost as fair as her dress. Her lips were conspicuously pink. Her eyes were a deep, golden brown. She had hair the color of flax. She wore a crown of stargazer lilies. As much like Spring as she looked, as fresh as new blossoms as she was, her presence was heavy and close, like the embrace of a worldly adult to a sheltered child.

She said, “Call me Demeter.”

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The Universe Said, “LOL.”

I have been in a lovely spiritual groove lately and have been working on manifesting all kinds of good stuff in my life. Yesterday I says to the Universe I says, “Manifest me a group of spirituality nerds to talk this stuff over with.”

This very afternoon I received a notice from Meetup that a new group is forming to do just that. So I says to myself I says, “Damn girl, you manifested the hell out of that!”

I joined the group only to find out their meetings are an hour away. An hour away for heaven’s sake! Being as I have bad eyeballs and am not legal to drive, it might as well have been on the moon. So I says to the Universe I says, “S’up with that Universe?”

And the Universe said, “LOL.”

Nest time I need to manifest myself a chauffeur.


The Great Hermes Car Death Adventure

The degree to which I’ve gotten my straight-laced Mormon mother to accept my Paganism is that whenever anything mechanical in her house breaks or goes haywire, she blames Hermes.

Yesterday, my mom and I set off for a doctor’s appointment, (I’m legally blind and can’t drive, so I’m lucky enough to always be chauffeured by family and friends). When she went to start the car… nothing. No engine roar. No ticking, No thudding. No last gasp. Nothing.

No big deal.

We went back in the house and called AAA. While waiting for AAA however, she said something akin to, “Why is Hermes messing with us? Get the hell out of our lives Hermes.”

It tickled me, but I warned her anyway, “Now you’ve done it. Now you’ve really done it.”

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